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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 21, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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interviewed. again, there are separate investigators of this. again, it's unclear. protests are happening as that's happening. thank you, brynn. appreciate your reporting as always. the next hour of newsroom begins right now. top of the hour, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. the house getting ready to vote on two immigration bills, the path to passing, either of them looking ominous. neither has the supported needs to make it through. these votes today are crucial and they're crucial for thousands of immigrant children who were separated from their parents crossing the border, and despite the president's executive order reversing his own policy, the fate of those children being held. some of the children you see here is not any clearer this morning. we wish we could show you more of the edgesen side the shelters where the children are being held, but we can't because the government has restricted access for journalists inside.
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all we have are these images and photos provided by the government. but nick valencia is outside one of those shelters. he joins me from brownsville, texas. what are you hearing? >> our question is if the conditions are so good inside, why not allow journalists to see it for themselves? we first started with southwest key, which is the nonprofit that owns two of these so-called tender age facilities. we wanted to talk with the government. they've not responding to our repeated requests. say this is the third statement from the government in the last 24 hours. each statement seems to contradict the last. for those children still in border patrol custody, we're reuniting them with parents or legal guardians. they also said in this statement, poppy, they're taking certain steps to reunite
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families with their children. they're not telling us a lot of the specifics, a lot of which needs to still be answered. >> clarify for us. hhs came out overnight and said basically we don't know what's going to happen, how it might happen. if it will happen and when. but customs and border patrol protection said they are working on it. so it's just unclear, isn't it? >> it is. we know that a individual is only supposed to be in custody for 72 hour. that begs the question. what happens to all of those parents currently in i.c.e. custody. talked with a parent. he was one of those who had their child ripped from them, 3-year-old child. a child who was asked to go to the bathroom, taken away by two immigration officers, and the father has not seen the child yet. i spoke with him by phone. he said he doesn't know where his child is. >> translator: if he doesn't
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want to have us here, then give me back my son and i'll go back to my country even if it's a danger. one comes here for is kurt and life, but if he won't, don't do that to families. >> reporter: we have a question on how the unification process is going to happen and clearly so do those still in custody. >> nick valencia, thank you for reporting. stay on it. i know you will. next hour, president trump will meet with his cabinet over the confusion of what this will do or won't do. abby has more. good morning. >> good morning. president trump has caved saying he could do nothing about the separate policy. some of that came from pressure from the republican partd and his own family, ivanka trump and melania trump, both pressuring him behind the scenes. now we tern to what happens
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next. there are things that need to be determined. here's what we know about the policy so far. first of all, it does not end the white house's zero tolerance policy at the border. people who cross illegally are going to be charged with crimes but what they're going to do is try to house prosecuted adults with their families whenever it's appropriate and try to expedite these cases so they can bed a jude indicate quickly. they do seek the detention of family units so they can prosecute these cases. they can take quite a long time and there's no indication that there's the capacity to deal with it. the military might be housing some of these immigrant family units, perhaps at military bases. it's something they've done before. it also doesn't immediately ryu night families.
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as nick pointed out,re giving conflicting messages about how that's going to work. there are 2,300 children already separated from their families aet the border. it's not clear how they're going to be reunited, especially if they've been deport order scattered across the country. all of this is really part of a chaotic picture that has come together in the last 24 to 36 hours, the white house scrambling to put something together. but the pieces are still scattered all over the place in terms of how this is going to work out. we will hear more likely from the president. >> thank you, abby. abby phillip at the white house for us today. they would both tackle the issue. look. even if either make it through the house -- the likelihood of them making it through the
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senate is really ill. >> it basically is a legislative dead end. that said, the house is p toward a vote on two immigration proposals today that addresses the issue. the other is the more moderate proposal backed by a leadership, the one they've been pushing votes around. they're still undecided trying to really essentially lobby to get support before they vote on it. that said, it does not appear that either one of these house bills. the tensions on capitol hill are certainly running high. there was a remarkable moment last night. you had speaker of the house paul ryan and another on the
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floor gesturing wildly, certainly what meadows described as a passionate discussion over what's in the bill, what are the certain elements of the bill and another big oops moment, last night there had to be and emergency meeting of the house rules meeting. it would have lead to 1125 millions instead of over 5 you'ves. certainly no small drafting error there. we'll be most interested to hear what speaker paul ryan says when he speaks to reporters up leer in the next hour. the big question is if they fail, what is plan be, poppy. >> he said yesterday, sunlen, this is plan b. so what happens then. senn l sunlen on the hill for us. we talk about it, what hurdles they could face because the president could pick up the phone, call the department.
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with me is cnn chief analyst jeffrey toobin. nice to have you here and all of a sudden at the toof many lists. what is flores settlement? >> the short version is that the courts have held with the agreement of the parties that children cannot be held for longer than 20 days. >> right. >> and this creates as you see on the case started in 1997, but it's evolved through many iterations and last year the court establishes a rule there cannot be children held for 20 days. this create as problem for a new
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approach that the president has outlined because he now says children and parents have to be held together. the question arises what has to happen after 20 days because children can't be held after 20 days according to this agreement. but does that mean they're going to separate the parents an children again? all tern tifbly, are they gong to release the parents as well. the trump administration certainly doesn't want to do that. so in the executive order there is a directive to the department of justice that says try to get this decision changed somehow to allow us to do something else. again, it's vague. not clear what they want to do. but it's also not clear whether the court will actually change that to-day rule. >> and to get it changed, they would have to go in front of the
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same june that heard this. i wonder if you could tell us what happened. they're saying this is the law, jeffrey toobin, this is the law. this was the law, jeffrey, under president bush and president obama, right? >> absolutely. circulate is absolutely no requirement that children be held separately. this was a change in the law ordered in april of this year by jeff sessions, the attorney general. i mean this crisis of unaccompanied children, 2,300 in limbo, no one knows what's going to happen to . this is a problem entirely
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created by president trump. this is like katrina, the bush administration nev recovered from cankatrina, but really tha not fair to president bush. he didn't start the hurricane. he didn't create the rain. this crisis was started by the trump administration. the 2 3rkz 00 didn't have o be locked up p now we have to figure out how or if they'll be released. >> these immigrants are not guaranteed legal representation, correct, jeffrey toobin? >> correct. it's not like when you're arrested, every person is entitled to it. >> so if they can afford it, there's that, but otherwise, nothing. jeffrey toobin, thank you. >> out of luck, yes, thank you.
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there are dozens of children in a state without parent because of a zero tolerance policy. now that the practice has ended, what happens to the kids already there? he will join me. he wasn't even nad aware of. this one as young as 9 months. he'll be here to talk about it. he's at the border. applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. gentlemen, i have just received word!
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the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? i was very surprised at the size of this crowd. woman: my question is, why hasn't congress started impeachment proceedings given what we know, and they probably know much more. i think that if you speak to congress-people privately, democrats and republicans acknowledge that this is a reckless, dangerous, and lawless president. for them, political safety is what is driving them to sweep it under the rug. if we don't stand up for the basic values of america, if we normalize this behavior, he will continue, and he will push it every single time he gets away with it. i mean, that's sort of the reaction to any bully. it tends to isolate you, and when you meet with other people and listen, you get that sense
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now. thanks for being here. >> good morning, poppy. >> i understand they're holds a thousand. 94 are children. walk me through what happened when you tried to gain access. >> all 1,000 are children, 94 are the ones pulled away from their moms and dads, but in total in florida there's 174 of the children that were separated from their parents. well, i went there. we filled out the paperwork. we were told by a contractor we could get in. i get on the phone with the deputy secretary of hhs, ruling agency, and he said, no, ywe're not going let you in because you have to wait the retired two-week period. i said, mr. secretary, you and i both know that is balderdash.
7:18 am
i'm the senator from florida and i have a right of oversight to see that you are treating these children correctly and that you're spending your money wisely, and you're telling me you're not going to let me in to check on my people in florida snanld he said, oh, you have to wait the required two-year period. so they turned me away. >> you know, last hour i had your republican koub ter pacoun the house and he takes issue with your party and democrats and says you're not helping, you're obstructing. i want you to hear what he said on this and respond. >> they're obstructing every single piece along the way, so all you can conclude is the democrats want a talking point in november. they don't want to help the kids. >> okay. >> he says you don't want to help the kids. what is your rae response?
7:19 am
>> it's sad it's pitiful that this mindless kind of approach that republican senators and republican members will not stand up to the president. you've already seen the intense pressure that's caused the pretty to come out with an executive order that, by the way, doesn't do very much. it didn't address the 2,300 children including the 94 in homestead about reuniting them with their families, and it says we're going to keep going forward, families together, but indefinite detention. that's against the law as it stands now, which is you can't keep a child more than 20 days. >> on the compromised bill, it looks like it has the
7:20 am
president's support. it doesn't look like it a going to make it through the house, certain will i the senate. because it addresses daca and dreamers and a path to citizenship for dreamers, something you and your fell low democrats have been pushing hard for, what are you willing to give? could you support that bill? the compromised ryan bill if it came to the senate. >> honestly i can't tell you i support something they doble know. >> give me your -- >> it changes by the minute. they eesk got two factions over in the house, they've got so much in chaos, they don't know what they're doing. you just said it's probably not going to pass. now, you want to know what i want. i want comprehensive immigration reform. >> i actually want to know, senator, where you're willing to give. for instance, will you -- >> i want ta ka. >> that's not a give.
7:21 am
that's a get. will you vote, for example, for money al indicated toward building a wall? >> we already agreed to that six months ago to solve the daca problem. >> so you will. >> if that were on the table and the question is how much, that's another issue, if we can solve daca and we can solve this reunification of families and don't keep children past 20 d days, if we could put all of that and solve the dreamer issue, yes. as we did before six months ago. we'd give them the wall, but not some outlandish figure. >> how much? they want $25 billion. >> i can't negotiate that with you on the air. that's what i would give.
7:22 am
>> you wouldn't give $25 billion. >> let's see, poppy. >> senator nelson, thank you. also, please let us know if you do get into that center where those children are being held, okay? >> i'm trying this weekend. >> thanks, senator. nice to have you. >> thanks, poppy. overnight, children arriving in new york. migrant children, a federal source tells us, to be held in a shelter near harlem. mayor de blasio toured the facility yesterday. he was appalled by what he saw. he joins me next. ♪
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welcome back. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we have new video showing young girls being taken to a shelter facility in new york city. this was shot by our affiliate new york one. a federal source says these girls were separated from their parents at the border, however, a woman escorting the girls says that's not the case. also at laguardia planes came in with separated minors. people on the ground say they saw children being escorted to a van, carrying their belongings in plastic bags. new york city mayor bill de blasio says at least 290 children are being taken care of in harlem. he toured the facility in harlem yesterday. he was appalled at what he found out. he joins me now. mr. mayor, thank you for being here. >> you're very welcome, poppy. >> we'll get in a moment to why you're at the border and what you're hoping to do there today.
7:28 am
but tell me what you saw at this harlem facility? >> poppy, it was shocking. here's a social service facility in the middle of new york city. we had gotten no notification from the u.s. government that children were being sent there from 2,000 miles away, separated from their parents, sent to some place they didn't know, no connection. i went in there yesterday to inspect the situation. the folks who work there, social service workers, are trying to help the kids. they told me there were 239 kids right at that moment in the center of new york city. no one had any inkling of the scale of this. i went to visit a classroom. about 30 or 40 young children from guatemala, separated from their mothers or parents trying to make sense of this situation. it's appalling. we have no idea how many kids we're talking about and when they're going see their parents again. >> just to be clear, all 239 of those children separated at the border because of this policy?
7:29 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> all of these kids were taken from their parent because of the new separation policy from the trump administration, and they're all from the southern border. so they were all sent 2,000 miles. there's a young boy, 9-year-old boy from honduras named eddie. h was taken from his mom at eagle pass, texas, put on a bus with an escort to go 2,000 miles to new york city. h has no idea when hes going to see his mom again. think of the trauma and what's going to happen to these kids. >> what did you see in their conditions? their physical well being? their mental state? >> the folks who work there were trying their best to help these kids, and i admire them. kids are so strong and resilient. here's the problem. they're expensing trauma because of the separation and the physical challenges. the kids because they were held
7:30 am
came across the border, some have lice, some have bed bugs, chicken pox, all sorts of contagious situations, and, you know, just think of the chaos of all this, both what the kids are going through emotionally, mentally, but also, you know, kids who unfortunately contracted some kind of disease and are being sent to where a whole bunch of other kids are. there's no rhyme or reason to it. >> you traveled down to the border for a specific reason. why and what are you trying to see? >> poppy, this has to stop. i want to emphasize. they all are saying in unison this policy has to stop. enough.cutive order is not we have to end the separation of families an we have to reunify all these families who have been torn apart, and we have to go back to actually respecting people seeking asylum. it's an american tradition for
7:31 am
nearly 200-plus years for people coming here to flee oppression. we have to have real decency in the asylum process and we have to have immigration reform. this is becoming a bipartisan con consensus. people have gathered here at the point of contact to say this is no longer accept snoobl as you know, the administration pushed back on that and said, look, the asylum seekers who do it the right legal way don't get separated. these are people who try legally to cross over. are you trying to get into some of these centers down there, mr. mayor, that are holding these children, and if so, have you been permitted access because democratic senator bill nelson just told me he tried to in to the florida center and they said no. >> you know, up at the center in new york, the folks who work
7:32 am
there are nonprofit, they're welcoming, transparent, and open. with oar going to see in a few minutes when all the mayors gather here, whether we're given that same respect and same transparent sichl look. when our government is holding people, particularly children, and won't allow public officials to see, something's wrong right there. there's no accountability. it's a dangerous situation. we're going go inning a group of us mayors and demand access. i agree with you. senators and congressmen have been turned away and that should cause -- >> they say you have to allow two weeks' notice. you're shaking your head. i know you want to see right away. do let us know if you get in. let's talk about compromise. that's the operative word but that's the word missing on capitol hill. even if it makes it through the house, no way is it going to make it through the senate. what do you think? you don't have a vote in this.
7:33 am
you're not in congress. what do you think your fellow democrats in congress, mr. mayor, give on? should they fund the wall to protect dreamers and to end the family separation? >> look. i think the big answer is to go for comprehensive immigration reform. we all understand there's going to be compromises. the grassroots have to really be felt here. the current reality in congress is they prefer not to act for your a variety of reasons. it's pretty clear. they want the dreamers to be able to stay. they want these families reunified. that's the framework right there. of course, there's going to be compromise. there has to be compromise, i understand that, but it needs to be a comprehensive immigration reform. here's the bottom line. it needs to be a comprehensive immigration reform. the notion of trading it and not solving the problem misunderstands it. we have a moral crisis right
7:34 am
now. most people want that fundamental moral question addressed in a comprehensible manner. we don't want to nickel and dime it. let's actually solve this challenge and come up with a comprehensive immigration reform. >> i think everyone who makes these decisions should think if those were my kids, what would i be doing. mayor bill de blasio, thank you. please let us know, will you, if you get into the scepter. i have to jump into breaking news out of the supreme court, but i appreciate your time. they just issued a ruling on internet sales tax. it could matter to you. this brought to the high court. joe johns with more. >> hey, poppy, i know you're interested. it affects just about anybody who shops online quite frankly. they allow states to compel retailers to collect out-of-state tax from
7:35 am
out-of-state online vendors. so what that means, a lot of people when they shop online may be under the impression they're not paying sales tax. the fact of the matter is this is a huge business, perhaps $100 billion over the next ten years that the states would have lost if the courts had ruled the other way. some say between 80% and 90% of the top online vendors already collect this tax. nonetheless, the importance of it is now the online vendors and others who are out of state and reportedly don't have brick and mortar buildings or people working in that particular state will now have to collect the sales tax. poppy, as you know, the states have been champing at the bit on this. connecticut, by the way, has
7:36 am
already told vendors, you'd bet ger it that money ready. back to you. >> appreciate that. of course, we're still wait to hear from the high court on what the decision is on the travel ban case. thank you very much. appreciate it. joe johns. the pow of women. how the first lady and ivanka trump used their influence to sway the president on this executive order concerning separation at the border, ahead.
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in just moments the house will begin votingen two crucial immigration bills. the road to them passing, though, looking increasingly bleak. president trump who has claimed for weeks that congress is the only body that can fix the current situation now casting doubt on whether either of these bills can even make it through the house. with me now former republican congressman charlie dent and symone sandersing both cnn political come men tatders. it's nice to have them here. let me start with you.
7:41 am
they said i don't like the sight or feeling of families being separated, but to be clear, he knew, right? he knew this is what zero tolerance would mean. so what do you make of him saying that now? >> i guess, poppy, the only thing i can say is give the arsonist credit for putting out the fire he started. i'm glad you put out the fire, but you're to blame for the fire to begin with. it's just incoherent. on the politics of this, i simply cannot fathom who thought it was a good idea to separate the families. when you get beyond the mean-spiritedness and reality, who thought of this. it's just absurd that splitting up these families would somehow send a message. it's just horrible. it's further inflaming and dividing the country and it's unfortunate. >> symone, bill nelson was
7:42 am
willing to have wall funding. what do you think of the democrats -- the president keeps pointing a finger at the democrats. what do you think is the key thing the democrats need to key in on here to protect the dreamers and to deal with family separation? >> so i will say the bill's currently in the house right now, poppy. don't get us the comprehensive immigration reform. i think both of these bills kurnlly are temporary fixes do not -- they're republican bills that do not get to the heart of the matter of evening the zero tolerance policy, of finding out what happens to the 2,000 children separated from their families. i've talked to me member, staff and aides, and to be frank, they say they're absolutely willing to come to the table with republicans in good faith.
7:43 am
but the problem, poppy, is the caucus currently in the house doesn't have their own caucus together. so i don't understand how they're asking democrats to play ball on an issue and concede on an issue that their own caucus has not come to a consensus on. let me ask you, mr. dent, about what this does to a party overall. we just heard last night from a well known republican strategist steve smith who ran the campaign in 2008. he said after 29 years and nine months of becoming a republican, i'm out of the party. i now renounce this party because it's fully the party of trump. >> there's this debacle at the border. clearly in my view, what we've just witnessed, and, again,
7:44 am
suburban women -- i've talked to some colleagues, former colleagues just recently. they're very concerned. they're getting pummeled on this issue at home. this just terrible for them. and for somebody in the white house to suggest this is good politics, hey, maybe this plays in the deepest reddest district somewhere south, but where i come from in pennsylvania and across the river in new jersey, this just terrible, not only from a humanitarian standpoint but from a political perspective. of course, this is doing damage. it makes absolutely no sense. i hope they can pass an immigration bill through the discharge petition that i had signed. that fell a little bit short. now you've got these two bills, neath over which are going to go anywhere. i don't they'rer this are going to pass the house, so we've got to get back to something, to real legislating again, sitting
7:45 am
down, bipartisan, compromise. we can pass bills. they just have to allow a vote on the bill. >> symone, let me ask you, if you had to vote tore, would you vote for a republican or democrat from the top of the ticket all the way down. what was a 16-point lead for republicans is now an 8-point lead for democrats. are you worried about that? >> i'm not ahead for two reasons. while the generic ballot is an indicator, in midterm elections, voters are voting in specific districts for specific votes. in the end it's the makeup of the districts, they're very localized. two, this is what happens when you get close to midterm election. i would venture to say it's only june. when we get closer to august and september, that's a strong indicator on where we are.
7:46 am
democrats are running on the issues. folks are talking about the taxes and affordable care act and intent of republicans to repeal the affordable care act. they're going to put it on the table again this summer. frankly, they're going to be talking about the in humane immigration policy of this administration. i know donald trump and his al lies want to talk about ms-13, but when you see these photos of young children, kids, all over the news, that doesn't look like ms-13 to me. >> thank you, symonn, thank you, mr. dent. coming up, what made the first lady's office contact their secret service line next. . who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need.
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actoreter fonda apologizing after a vicious tweet he made involving the president's young sun barron. he suggested barron be put in a cage with pedophiles. fonda has a movie soon to be released by sony. they ask why is he not being treated the same way rosanne barr was. brian stelter is here. look. it's fair question. >> it is a fair question, but i think the question has to do these two people and their two platforms. rosanne had almost a million followers on twig, a show on tv. this actor, frankly, a washed up actor, best known for films
7:52 am
decades ago, he has about 50,000 followers and his movie is due out in five theaters. it was very, very inappropriate. it was condemned not just by the trump family but others as well. here's a part of his apology he came out with trying to clear it up. like many americans i'm very impassioned and distraught over children being separated at the border. he said, i went way too far. i was wrong, i regret it. i sincerely apologize for what i said and any hurt i may have caused. he wanted to rip barron trump out of mel la ya's arms. they say the see cecret service been advised.
7:53 am
people are mouktdithing off on twitter. it can have consequences. here's what the studio is saying. the short answer is this film he's in will still be released partly because he only has a small part. his comments were abhorrent, reckless, andendangered them. to yank it out of the theaters would hurt everyone else involved. >> thank you for that. we have breaking news to bring you right after this.
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we are breaking news out of texas. this is significant. what can you tell us? >> poppy, i can tell you this is as one civil rights attorney describes it an extremely huge deal. this is why before today, any and all undocumented mothers and fathers who were brought here to the courthouse in downtown mcallen would be charged with that misdemeanor charge of illegal entry, part of president trump's zero tolerance policy. however, today, 17 mothers and fathers were brought to the courthouse in mcallen, and prosecutors with the office using their discretion not to pursue those charges against these individuals who were detained recently here. i can tell you that this is --
7:59 am
at this point we're still trying to find out exactly why they pursued that. but that certainly does not align with the message that donald trump has been trying to send to his base, zero tolerance, that anyone entering the border and crossing all legally would be facing charges. however, the 17 men and women are about to leave the courthouse here in downtown mcallen with no conviction here, and now the question is what will happen to their children, of course, and does this help their case in trying to be reunited with their children. they were apprehended at the border on monday and tuesday and consequently separated from their children. >> on that point, polo, do we know because there was mixed messaging coming out of hhs and customs and border patrol about reuniting. do we know, if you can hear me? >> reporter: hey, poppy. i've got you know. go ahead. >> do we know if they'll definitely be reited with their
8:00 am
children? that it's a major question right now, poppy. keep in mind, these are mothers and fathers who have already been separated with their children which means they're already in foster care, with relative, and if that's not the case, then they're at some of the centers across the country, the centers we've been showing you. >> thank you, polo. appreciate the update on that news. thank you all for being with us today. i'm poppy harlow in new york. i'll hand it over to my colleague kate bolduan. the new hour starts right now. hello, everyone. you're going to hear from president trump just 24 hours after his stunning reversal to end the separation of families at the border. you're going to hear from house speaker paul ryan ahead of the immigration votes. two bills proposing the biggest changes in years to the immigration system. but it is not going to be easy. when is it ever. first and


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